The District encompasses an area of approximately 35,400 acres within Fresno County, and lies along the west side of the San Joaquin Valley, north of the Fresno-Kings County line.The District is located within Fresno County, generally east and southeast of the City of Coalinga. Los Gatos, Warthan, Jacalitos and Zapato Chino creeks have their headwaters west of the District, traverse a portion of the District and ultimately drain to the Arroyo Pasajero near the easterly boundary of the District. Below the confluence of Jacalitos and Los Gatos Creek, the drainage is termed the Arroyo Pasajero. The Arroyo Pasajero passes through the PasajeroGap and Zapato Chino Creek passes through the Polvadero Gap as the creeks leave Pleasant Valley.The location of the District is shown in Figure 1. The District is located within the Pleasant Valley Basin as defined in the State of California Bulletin No.118.

The District is located within a unique sub basin as defined by the Department of Water Resources bulletin 118. The sub basin and District boundaries are nearly identical and at present isconsidered a “Low” priority basin by DWR in terms of compliance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. Westland’s Water District boarders PVWD to the east and is considered a separate sub basin apart from PVWD’s sub basin as determined by DWRbulletin 118. WWD is considered a “High” priority sub basin and falls under an accelerated set of rules as proscribed under SGMA.

The difference in sub basin priorities along with overall hydrogeology differences require separate GSA’s and GSP’s for both districts under SGMA. The landowners within PVWD are clear that they want local District representation and control for the approximate 50,000 within its sub basin.