The Pleasant Valley Water District was formed on January 23, 1963, pursuant to the

California Water Code for the purpose of contracting with the U.S. Bureau of

Reclamation (USBR or Reclamation) for a long-term water supply. The intended water

supply was to be delivered from the California Aqueduct (or San Luis Canal) through the

Coalinga Canal (also called the Pleasant Valley Canal). A majority of the District lies

with the Federal service area of the Central Valley Project’s San Luis Unit and although

the canal and associated pumping plant were constructed with capacity for delivery to

the District, it has not received a long term Central Valley Project water contract to

date. During the late 1980’s the District was able to obtain periodic one-year contracts.

Acquisition of a permanent contract does not appear to be foreseeable. Landowners

within the District currently purchase supplemental water supplies from senior water

rights holders located within Sacramento and Feather Riversystems. When available,

the District will apply to the Bureau of Reclamation for Section 215 waters (flood waters)

on the Sacramento River and also accepts CVP contract supplies transferred in from

other Federal Water Districts.


In 1967, the District applied to the State Water Resources Control Board for a yearly

entitlement of 13,500 acre-feet of water from the Los Gatos, Warthan, Jacalitos and

Zapato Chino Creeks for groundwater recharge. The permit was approved on conditions

that certain facilities be constructed by December 1969. These conditions were not met,

and, subsequently, the permit was revoked in May 1972. There still remains the

potential to develop these water supplies in the future, especially along Los Gatos



Numerous Federal and State studies have been performed within Pleasant Valley

including the potential for a ground water bank. Calculations indicate a potential

storage capacity of nearly 1,000,000 million acre feet. The studies can be accessed