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Welcome to Pleasant Valley Water District!

Pleasant Valley Water District (District) was formed in 1963 to provide agricultural

water to landowners . The District was formed under California Water Code

section 34000-38500 which enables the formation of Water Districts to acquire,

plan, construct, maintain, improve, operate, and keep in repair the necessary

works for the production, storage, transmission, and distribution of water for

irrigation, domestic, industrial, and municipal purposes.


The Fresno County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) recognizes the

District as a qualified public agency that provides its landowners with

representation, information services regarding statewide water policy, water rights,

new state legislation, water agency coordination, and other issues affecting local

water resources.


The District is an independent special district which has a seven-member board of

directors not governed by another legislative body (either a city council or county

board of supervisors). Candidates eligible to serve as the board of directors must

be a holder of title to land within the District boundaries or the legal representative

of the holder of title to land within the District boundaries. District board members

are subject to election of four-year staggered terms; in the event that the number

of candidates filing with County elections is equal to the number of open seats on

the board, the Board of Supervisors may appoint members in-lieu of an election; in

the event no candidates file election papers, members may be appointed by the

Fresno County Board of Supervisors based on a recommendation provided by the

District’s board of directors.

Water is more than just a way of life.

Serving our county
Pleasant Valley Water District

Our district farmers produce $100 million worth of pistachio nuts annually.

The Pleasant Valley Water District covers more than 60 square miles of prime farmland.

In 2002, the Department of Water Resources studied Pleasant Valley Water District. They concluded our potential underground water storage capacity to be in excess of 1 million acre feet.

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